{ Artificial Dialysis Support System } Artificial Dialysis Support System

Our medical department improve the effeciency and stability of daily dialysis by promoting the ADDS, an Artificial Dialysis Support System.

Features of ADDS

Artificial Dialysis Support System is improving efficiency of daily dialysis and operate with the data of other digital radiography systems.

To understand the needs of efficiency, we cooperated with dialysis clinic. Thanks to the advice from medical staff, it is possible to operate dialysis everyday accurately and efficiently.

Example of Screen
Easy to use
Easily introduce the system in your environment without interupting your operation
Automatic measurement
Simply touch the IC card, and choose the scale to automatically calculate the target and output the results
External link function
We cooperate with other X-ray, cardiothoracic and image data companies.

System flow

In addition to the basic information asked to the patient, we add the "dialyis information" and create an IC card to be used at the time of weight measurement. During consultation with the patient, you can decide the dialysis day and time, enter conditions based on doctor recomendations and output recomendation letter from template.
The next step is "Schedule". Schedule the dialysis for one month based on the conditions entered earlier. Then, by holding the IC card and ajusting the scale, the system automatically record the weight before the dialysis and compute the water removal target, and output the progress chart.
The treatment start at "Dialysis Start" and is completed at "End of digits". The IC card is used until the end, information such as weight is recorded after dialysis. Coordination with other flows using IC Card such as radiography is also possible.

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Hospital list

List of hospital already using our Artificial Dialysis Support System "ADSS"

Region Name of Hospital
Saitama prefecture Hongyu kai ogawa hospital
Hiroyukai Takasaka hospital
Higashi Matsuyama Hiroyin hospital
Kanagawa prefecture Tsuruto clinic