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Moving Forward

Improve Medical field with advanced technologies

Our medical division has many achievements in IT, operations, maintenance, development and customer support in coordination with customers(hospitals/pharmacy/medical schools). Our engineers will propose the solution that will feet your need.
Furthermore, we established a training environment that continuously promote professional employees who have acquired the skills from experienced medical staff, in order to support efficiency and stability of medical system. Our medical team is always looking to promote high technology in medical field.


Here are the details of our Medical department
The 4 major categories we can help you

  • Hospital operation system support on site
  • Hospital electronic medical report system help desk on site
  • Medical system development
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Development and operation (moodle)
  • School system support
  • lifetime support for Learning Management System
  • Pharmaceutical related system development
  • Adverse Event Management and Reporting (Argus) support
  • Internal information system support
  • MEdical Record Information System“MERIS PEACE”
  • Conference application support “Toodle”
  • Artificial Dialysis Support System “ADSS”

Project achieved


  • On site Hospital help desk (including electronic medical record support)  5Hospitals(Inside Tokyo)12people(On site)
  • On site Prefecture Hospital help desk (including electronic medical record support)  2Hospitals(Tochigi & Shizuoka)2people(On site)
  • Electronic medical record system development  Design/Development/Test  27people/month
  • Surgical Operation/Department system/X-ray System development Design/Development/Test  18people/month
  • Health check result browsing service Specification/Design/development/test  9people/month
  • Our affiliated company "ALNERI" developped an educational application "Kyouryu Pakarn" Dentistry Ver.(for MORITA)


  • Pharmacy university, information system department and support  4 people(full)
  • Pharmacy university, learning management System 2 people (full)
  • Pharmacy university record information system development Specification-design-development-operation-maintenance 6 people/month


  • Adverse Event Management and Reporting(Argus) for foreign affiliated pharmaceutical companies  set up, support
  • Foreign affiliated pharmaceutical companies IT consulting


  • MEdical Record Information System“MERISPEACE” Sales, set up, customization, operation and maintenance
  • Artificial Dyalysis Support System “ADSS” Sales, set up, customization, operation and maintenance

Group details

TechnoBrave Co., Ltd. has solutions specialized in the fields of finance, medical care, transportation, industry, communication, amusement and offers high-quality services to respond customer needs.

Department TechnoBrave Co., Ltd.  Medical Department
Representative Miyata Daisuke
Number of people 53 people (As of 2019)
Address 〒101-0047 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Koshikoda 1-2-8 Kusumoto Dai-ichi Building 2F
Contact information TEL 03-5577-3950 / FAX 03-5577-3958
Qualification Medical Information Technician 19 people (As of 2019)